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Updated version of the Bathymetry Layer

07 november 2014

The Bathymetry layer has been updated with the addition of more accurate data for the The Archipelago of the Azores.

See it on-line here: Bathymetry

The bathymetric metadata and Digital Terrain Model data products have been derived from the EMODnet Bathymetry Portal .

This portal was initiated by the European Commission as part of developing the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODNet). The overall objective of EMODnet is to create pilots to migrate fragmented and inaccessible marine data into interoperable, continuous and publicly available data streams for complete maritime basins. The Bathymetry portal development started in June 2009 and now provides a range of options for freely browsing and downloading new Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for a large part of the European seas. The downloadable tiles are freely available in a number of formats. The EMODnet digital bathymetry has been produced from bathymetric survey data and aggregated bathymetry data sets collated from public and private organizations. These are processed and quality controlled. A further refinement and expansion is underway, by gathering additional survey data sets, expanding geographical coverage to all European sea regions and upgrading the DTM grid resolution, and will result in new releases in time. The portal also includes a metadata discovery service that gives clear information about the background survey data used for the DTMs, their access restrictions, originators and distributors.

Data download

13 june 2014

Most of the atlas data is now downloadable. Feel free to reuse.

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Fishing quotas 2014 by country and species

11 june 2014

The map showing fishing quotas by country and species has been updated. It now shows 2014 quotas. See it on-line !

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Fishing quotas for 2014

06 june 2014

Fishing quotas tables by country and fishing zone are now available for 2014. See it on-line !

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Map of undersea relief names updated

05 june 2014

The map showing undersea relief names has been updated. See it on-line!

Map on fisheries product processing sector updated

27 may 2014

The map showing the production value of the fisheries processing sector has been updated. It now shows data from 2004 to 2012. See it on-line!

Maps on fisheries and aquaculture products trade updated

27 may 2014

The two maps showing fisheries and aquaculture products trade by volume and by value have been updated. It now shows data for 2013.