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Regional Advisory Councils updated

16 october 2013

The map of the RACs (Regional Advisory Councils) has been updated. See HERE.

Tags : fisheries, RAC, DG MARE

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Maritime museums updated

15 october 2013

The map on maritime museums has been updated. It now shows the location of 40 maritime museums across Europe. See HERE.

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Oil spill response vessels updated

15 october 2013

The map showing the location and capacity of oil spill response vessels has been updated based. See THERE.
EMSA vessel inventory.

Hydrography and catchment areas upgraded

09 october 2013

The maps on hydrography and catchment areas have been upgraded based on JRC-CCM database. These maps shows now main rivers with their catchment areas aggregated by sea basins. More detailed rivers and catchment areas are also shown at lower scales. See HERE and THERE.

Source: JRC-CCM dataset, CCM River and Catchment Database© European Commission - JRC, 2007. Vogt, J.V. et al. (2007): A pan-European River and Catchment Database. European Commission - JRC, Luxembourg, (EUR 22920 EN) 120 pp.

Marine energy production facilities

09 october 2013

A new map on marine energy production facilities has been added. This map shows existing and projected facilities of tidal power (dam and stream), current power, wave power, osmotic power and thermal conversion power. See HERE.

Maritime traffic by port updated

30 september 2013

Map layers showing traffic statistics by port have been updated. Data from 1997 to 2011 are now available. It concern inwards, outwards and total traffic of passengers and goods (gross weight). See HERE and THERE.

Source: Eurostat, indicators mar_pa_aa and mar_go_aa.