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New map viewer

10 december 2013

A new version of the map viewer has been published. Among various changes, it includes new printing options.

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Potential candidate countries

18 november 2013

The map of European union member states and candidate countries has been updated. It now include the potential candidates countries. See THERE.

Source: website.

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Fishing catches by fishing zones updated

11 november 2013

The map on total catches by EU member states in each major fishing zone has been updated. It now shows data form 1987 to 2010. See HERE.

Source: Eurostat, indicator fish_ca_main.

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Time series visualisation

30 october 2013

It is now possible to display time series on some map objects. See for example the fishing fleet statistics map and the bed density map.

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Temporal exploration button and map info windows

24 october 2013

New buttons are available to explore temporal data: Play, stop, forward and backward. See for example on this fishing fleet map.

Information on clicked objects is now shown in a map info window:

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