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New release of the European Atlas of the Seas!

13 january 2017

Today the European Atlas of the Seas gets a new version. With its fourth release, the application moves to a modern ICT environment, removing all dependencies on third-party plugins. But the intuitive interface and high quality of service remain the same, allowing users – whether the general public or marine specialists –  to discover the richness and variety of Europe's seas and oceans.

Users have access to over 100 web services providing up-to-date information on marine knowledge, protected areas, fisheries and blue growth.

The information is displayed in pre-set thematic maps, but users can also switch to 'do-it-yourself mode' and create their own maps by combining various layers of information. The resulting maps can be exported or printed.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback on this new release using the feedback module available on the Atlas or from or sending an e-mail to the following functional mailbox:

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